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Our comprehensive internal talent assessment service is a pivotal resource during crucial business evaluations. We specialize in conducting meticulous talent reviews within your organization, analyzing existing skill sets and uncovering untapped potential among your workforce. Our expert recruiters delve deep, utilizing tailored interview methodologies and skill assessments to assess your team’s strengths, identify areas for growth, and align talent with your company’s evolving needs. With a commitment to confidentiality, we navigate this process discreetly, ensuring employees’ anonymity and building trust within your organization. The culmination of Ritro Review is a detailed, actionable report delivered to you, empowering strategic decision-making during pivotal moments such as annual reviews, promotions, or restructuring. Elevate your team’s potential and harness the power of informed decisions with Ritro Review. 


How this works

  1. On-Site Expertise: We travel anywhere in the lower 48 states to conduct in-person reviews, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your team’s potential.
  2. 60-Minute Interviews: Each employee review lasts 60 minutes, allowing us to dive deep into skill assessments and uncover latent talents.
  3. Flexible Scheduling: A minimum of 8 hours is scheduled regardless of the number of interviews, ensuring thoroughness and quality in our assessments.
  4. Discreet Approach: We uphold confidentiality by not disclosing our company name to employees and abstain from requesting employee names or contact information, ensuring a neutral and unbiased evaluation.
  5. Comprehensive Report: Employers receive a detailed report encompassing our findings, recommendations, and actionable insights from the assessment process.
How this works
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