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At Ritro Recruiting, our roots lie deep within the intricate fabric of the IT industry. Having once been a part of this world, we intimately understand its intricacies and challenges.

Our distinctive approach in finding top-tier talent involves going beyond the conventional avenues. We actively engage with IT professionals in their spaces – attending meetups, forums, and industry gatherings – establishing meaningful connections to source the finest candidates.

The fusion of our team’s firsthand experience in the IT sector and our proactive networking approach enables us to uncover candidates that don’t just match job descriptions but seamlessly integrate into your company’s culture and ambitions.


Why Choose Us?

Industry Insights

Our recruiters have hands-on experience in various IT domains, giving us a unique edge in understanding your specific needs. We don’t just match resumes; we align skills, experience, and culture fit to find the ideal candidate for your team.

Technical Proficiency

With a background in IT, our recruiters recognize technical competency. This ensures that the candidates we present not only fit the job description but also possess the required technical expertise to excel in their roles.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that one size does not fit all. That’s why we tailor our approach to suit your company’s culture, goals, and specific job requirements. Whether you need a single specialist or an entire team, we’ve got you covered.

Industry Connections

Our extensive network within the IT industry enables us to tap into a pool of top-tier talent. We proactively seek out the best candidates, including those who might not be actively looking for a new position.

Trust and Transparency

Our recruiters have hands-on experience in various IT domains, giving us a unique edge in understanding your specific needs. We don’t just match resumes; we align skills, experience, and culture fit to find the ideal candidate for your team.

our services

Get the right person first.

Hiring IT is hard because other rectuiters never worked in IT.


Discover a transformative approach to direct-hire IT recruitment with Ritro Recruiting. Our team, comprising adept former IT professionals, possesses an intricate understanding of your industry’s nuances. We meticulously craft a recruitment strategy tailored to your unique needs. By blending technical proficiency with cultural alignment, we pinpoint and deliver IT professionals perfectly attuned to your organizational ethos. Experience an elevated standard in IT recruitment. Contact us at Ritro Recruiting to explore how we can elevate your team.



At Ritro Recruiting, we specialize in flexible staffing solutions, including temp-to-hire placements. With a pool of skilled IT professionals, we offer temporary staffing options to cover immediate needs while also facilitating seamless transitions to permanent hires. Our thorough screening process ensures the right fit for your team, whether for short-term projects or long-term staffing needs. Elevate your IT workforce with our tailored staffing solutions. Contact us at (515)522-8131 to discuss your staffing requirements.


Ritro drive

Navigating annual reviews, especially regarding promotions or layoffs, demands clarity. Ritro Recruiting offers a pivotal internal review service. Bring the experts to the review table. Our adept recruiters conduct thorough talent assessments, utilizing in-depth interviews and skill evaluations. We unearth hidden potential, aligning skill sets with your company’s objectives. Gain actionable insights to make informed decisions, ensuring workforce optimization. Find your diamonds in the rough to unlock the full potential of your internal talent pool, with Ritro Drive.


our process

  1. Consultation: We start by understanding your business, culture, and the technical expertise you’re seeking. This initial consultation sets the foundation for a tailored recruitment strategy.

  2. Thorough Search: Leveraging our industry connections and resources, we conduct an exhaustive search for candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations.

  3. Screening and Assessment: Our screening process includes a brief technical assessment to ensure that only the most qualified candidates move forward.

  4. Personalized Selection: We present you with a curated selection of candidates who not only possess the required skills but also align with your company’s values and culture.

  5. Support at Every Step: From interviews to negotiations and onboarding, we provide support to both you and the candidates, ensuring a seamless hiring experience.

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