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Where IT Professionals
Recruit IT Talent

Our Services

Recruiting Services

We only hire recruiters with real-life experience to boost recruiting success.

IT Direct Hire

To add experienced leadership to your team, we will source and find the talent needed to get that next project done.

IT Contract Staffing

Fill your ranks with temporary help. Contract staffing is a great way to build your team without dedicating resources.

IT Internal Review

Independent review of your internal IT talent to find talent and restructure your agile teams

Executive Search

Attract highly skilled senior management talent to your organization to fulfill necessary positions.

Finance Search

Locating finance teams to mitigate the strategy, risk and functions of working capital in your business.

Agronomy Search

Hiring positions to manage the application and technology of improving agricultural goals.

Why Choose Us

We understand IT. With us you save time, reduce costs and complete IT work faster.

“As a C# software engineer, recruiters called me every day. Not one recruiter I spoke with understood that .NET and .NET Core were different. Recruiters don’t understand unit testing, Selenium, or web services. Many recruiters do not know that Java is not JavaScript.”

“Now I support businesses and job seekers as a recruiter. I utilize my knowledge, from my experience of being a software engineer, to accurately connect IT professionals and clients.”

  • Scott P. Graham Recruiter/Founder

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Q & A

Where IT Professionals Recruit IT Talent

How does Ritro Recruiting reduce costs for employers?

Because our recruiters are former IT professionals, they know a good staff member when they see one. Because of this, our accuracy is higher than our competitors.

How does Ritro Recruiting increase time for employers?

When working with us, our recruitment team, through their experience, understand the technologies you are after. Less time will be spent on explaining the roles to us.

How does Ritro Recruiting get our work done faster?

The faster your new hire gets up to speed, the faster you will get work done. With our knowledge and experience, you will spend less time hiring and more time producing.

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